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The Secure landing of the plane with this sort of An important loss of integrity was unparalleled and stays unsurpassed.

I noticed Mackey pointed out a few situations. Some tiny recognised facts are that Mackey Airlines was commenced by Colonel Mackey within the early 1950’s. He made an effort to influence the Broward County Commission that FLL would really be developing speedy and MIA would no longer manage to company a large number of flights to south FL. The Colonel also advised them that a lot of visitors traveling to south FL would fly to FLL if we experienced our individual airport. Every time this issue came up to get a vote, it was voted down. So the incredibly crafty Colonel Mackey had some bulldozers sent to the positioning of his proposed FLL airport & did nothing but go Grime all around for weekly or two.

Magnificent compilation. You shud make a book away from it. A pleasant espresso-desk tome! I’d insert a few strains about Every single airline’s key routes.

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I haven’t go through everybodys comments, so forgive me if this has been shared, but from this listing I don’t see Entire world Airways or Wien Air Alaska talked about.

Terrific to take a look at all the photos, however , you forgot about Air South located in Columbia, SC. I understood a number of men and women that labored for them. Excellent very little

Cause and results of demise: Labor issues and strikes induced it to think about merger with Allegheny (see down below), later on USAir.

It absolutely was the happy operator of four Beech C-45 / D18 tail draggers and for a brief although even flew a Turbo Tradewind conversion in the D-18. The chief pilot, Buddy Adams, gave me my flying get started. I used to be two hundred hour pilot without multi-time when he took me on. 7 months afterwards I started out a 33 12 months career with AA.

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Remaining off the only a person I worked for: Ozark was a terrific minor airline in STL eaten by TWA in 1986.

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Once you described that Western was called the Champagne Airline, what truly caught Anyone’s attentions had been our provides that had the “Wally Chook” sitting down to the tail saying, “Western Airways, The sole Approach to Fly” (and Get More Information he, the chook, might be sipping a glass of champagne or smoking a cigar) and of course among our destinations would flash throughout the screen.

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Wonderful Web-site! I had been prompted here while hunting for more information on Mohawk, the initial airline I worked for. Just examine nowadays of the passing of a beautiful supervisor I'd in 1965, James Ricks.

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